Do more than manage. Collaborate.

Crocagile combines agile project management with collaboration tools you already know.

Everything in one place.
Master the art of agile collaboration from product design to sprint release.
Group chat with contacts.
See who's online, start a group chat, and share important files.
Stay out of email.
Leave your inbox behind with activity streams and smart alerts.
Reserve your spot on the waiting list.
Once invited, you'll have 14 days to try Croc.
Stay in sync...
...with horizontal workspaces powered by push notifications.
Never miss a request.
Alerts call out for your attention when you're needed.
See what's relevant to you.
Your finely-tuned activity stream filters out updates you don't need to see.
Know where you stand.
View progress at a glance or deep-dive with HTML5 charts.
Designed with remote teams in mind.
Crocagile helps you achieve transparency and accountability with in-house and remote teammates.
Find your velocity.
...with easy-to-learn Agile planning tools.
Define your epics.
Collaborate over requirements and mockups with "Smart Epics".
Plan your sprints.
Estimate & schedule user stories into sprints via drag & drop.
Track your progress.
Every sprint comes with beautiful HTML5 burndown & progress charts.
Minimize distractions with docked social network feeds.
Keep an eye on your twitter, linked in, and facebook feeds.
We're here for you.
No expensive training seminars. Our support system is awesome.
Learn with video clips.
Become a power user in no time with integrated video tutorials & tool tips.
Reach out to our team.
Collaborate with us in Crocagile with our built-in support system.
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Reserve your spot on the waiting list.
Once invited, you'll have 14 days to try Croc.